The Los AngelesTwin Towers correctional facility is connected to Skid Row by a common population of people, and location.

Geographic Proximity:
Less than a mile apart.

The largest mental institution the United States. The largest
homeless population in the United States.

The Same People:
95% of the severely mentally ill people in Twin Towers have
been there before.

Lamb, et al, “Treatment Prospects for Persons With Severe Mental Illness
in an Urban County Jail.” Psychiatric Services 58:782-786, 2007.

A disorganized man

“A disorganized, homeless man with schizophrenia who was arrested repeatedly for various petty thefts, such as taking toys from a department store and aluminum foil from a convenience store to protect himself from X rays. After a number of episodes, he had a long list of arrests and convictions for theft. Consequently, when the police officer was called to the scene of the current matter, rather than a person with severe mental illness…the officer believed the man should be arrested instead of hospitalized. Thus, this person with severe mental illness continues to be criminalized.”

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